Movie review writing hints: understanding your audience

Movie reviews are some of the most enjoyable writing assignments, but also some of the most challenging. In order to write a movie review, you do need to watch the movie which is the fun part of the assignment. The challenging arises when you have to rely on your notes because in many cases, you cannot go back and watch the movie again. Another common challenge for many movie review writers is to write the review for the right audience.

Use the Main Character to Get to the Right Audience

When you review a movie, you have to consider the audience that will watch the movie. For example, if you review a horror movie, your review should be written for a younger audience. However, if you write about a thriller, you will most likely need to write for a middle-aged audience. In many cases, you can determine the age of your audience by the age of the main characters. In some cases, the main character might not fit the target audience. For example, if you are reviewing a children’s animated movie, you will want to write for an audience of parents.

Write for the Socio-Economic Group the Movie is Designed to Attract

Along with age, you should also consider the socio-economic group that will be watching the movie, too. Some movies are designed for wealthy audiences and would require an extremely well-written movie review with professional language. If you are reviewing a movie that does not appear to have a target socio-economic group, you might be able to write a casual piece.

Use What You Know About Writing to Craft a Perfect Review

Since a movie review is designed to inform people about the movie and convince them to see it (or not to see it), your review really should target as many people as possible. Everyone who is involved in making a movie wants to have as many viewers as possible, because that means the movie will make a large amount of money. Your movie review should give your honest opinion and back it up with events in the movie. The language and style you use to write your review is what will get your audience to see the movie immediately or not at all.

Write What You Know

If you write clearly, concisely, and creatively, many people will read your review and hopefully agree with every word you say.