Essential Elements Of A Good Organic Chemistry Research Paper

Most organic chemistry courses require that you write a research paper. A research paper is a paper in which you will come up with a research question and then read through various documents to make sure that you get the answers to your questions. It is where you will take the different sources of information and analyze them to come up with a cohesive piece answering the question.

You will take the information that you learned about a subject and present it in your own words. The ideas will be back up with the information and ideas from the sources that you read. You can present the information and ideas in the form of paraphrased material and direct quotes. A research paper varies from an essay because you will conduct the research needed to write a comprehensive paper on the subject and not just present the information that you already know about the subject.

Title Page

Your paper will start with a title page that lists all of the pertinent information. You will want to make sure that you follow your teacher’s instruction when creating this page. The MLA format will not contain a separate title page and the information is in the upper left hand corner of the paper.

Table of Contents (optional)

This section of the paper will contain the main titles and the page numbers where they can be found.


This is where you will give an abridged version of the entire paper. It will be like a summary of your research and findings.


The introduction is the portion of the paper that gives the background information on the subject. It also presents the hypothesis and research questions. It should also include the purpose and direction of the paper and also the intent of the study.


This section will describe what method you used to conduct your research. It needs to be a detail of the experiment so that someone could repeat it.


This is where you will talk about the results that your study provided. It will be the data that you received from your study. It will be either a qualitative or quantitative study.


This section of the paper will discuss or talk about the results. You will link this section of the paper back to the introduction of the paper.


The conclusion of the paper will draw the paper to a close and restate your main points.

Reference list

This is a list of your sources in the proper format and in alphabetical order.