How To Write A Research Paper In The Turabian Style – Free Tutorial

By now you should have already heard about or even learned about the Turabian style of writing. There are some students who might not even be able to understand what this is all about. To be precise, this is one of the writing styles that has been around for quite some time. Most students however are only aware of the common styles like the APA and MLA. To be fair however, if you already have basic working knowledge of something like the APA format, there is not much that you will have to worry about when it comes to writing in the Turabian style.

There are some useful ideas collected for you to come up with a really good paper, and make sure that it turns out just fine. Herein are some of the tips that you can follow and come up with an incredible paper, one that will earn you good grades in the long run:

  • Choose the right context
  • Naming of authors
  • The use of titles
  • How to handle publications

Choose the right context

You have to understand that when you are working on this particular paper, it is only supposed to be used for the humanities. Therefore when you are writing a scientific paper and you decide to use the Turabian method for referencing purposes, you must realize that you are making a huge mistake.

Naming of authors

This is perhaps a common element of focus in all the referencing styles. In the Turabian style, make sure that you invert the name of the author within the bibliography. While doing that, the last name should come first, and the first name last, with the names separated by a comma. In this case, Peter Johnson would be Johnson, Peter.

The use of titles

While you are using this reference guide, make sure that you have all the book titles and journal titles in italics. If there are titles of other publications such as poems, chapters or even articles, these are supposed to be written and placed within the confines of quotation marks.

How to handle publications

When you are writing a paper in this manner, make sure that you list the year within which publication was done, right after the name of the journal or the publisher and you will have an easier time with convincing your teacher that you know what you are doing.