Psychology research paper writing manual - annotated bibliography

Psychology papers must include an annotated bibliography. Credit to your sources and previous researchers must be given out of respect and to avoid being accused of plagiarism. The best way to give proper credit to your sources is by following a specific type of annotated bibliography.

These are the 4 types of commonly used annotated bibliographies:

  1. Critical
  2. This one is also known as the evaluative annotated bibliography. They do summarize what each source contributed to the topic, but also you give us your critique of the source. For example you may let us know if you thought the source was bias, objective, or lacked enough evidence. In this type annotated bibliography you pay close attention to evaluate the credibility to the source and tell your reader what and how it contributed to your psychology paper.

  3. Indicative
  4. This type does not give much information on what the argument in the source was. It provides information on what the work addresses through providing the types of question each source can answer.

  5. Informative annotation
  6. This type of annotation is rather literal in its title. It gives a summary of the information offered by each source.

  7. Combination
  8. An annotated bibliography that combines different elements, about all the formerly mentioned types.

No matter what type of annotated bibliography you choose or you are assigned to use, it is essential to make sure it is a well written annotated bibliography. It is the last thing in your psychology paper, so ending it correctly is a component that is important to a successful paper. To assure it is well written include the following aspects in your annotated bibliography (each can be applied no matter the type you use):

  • Encouraging. It may seem like you are writing strictly about information, but you can write in a way that makes the sources seem encouraging to others to use or want to read for their own enlightenment.
  • An assurance that you have truly read and understand completely your sources. Assuring that you have used the sources correctly will be important to your professor.
  • A testimony or establishment to how well researched and credible your own psychology paper is.

Completely understanding what type of annotated bibliography should be included in your research paper should be helpful. Remembering those aspects will ensure a well written annotated bibliography, no matter the type.