Domestic Violence Research Papers – Writing An Abstract

As you progress through your academic career, it will be important to increase the professionalism of your papers. One of the ways you will do this with research papers is by preparing an abstract to turn in alongside the final draft. Abstracts are an important aspect of academic publishing.

What is an Abstract?

A research paper abstract is a very concise, high impact summary of the contents of your paper. Abstracts serve an important purpose in academic publishing. Research papers and dissertations are frequently ordered from publishing companies, by other researchers. Because the subject of an advanced research paper is too complex or detailed to be adequately expressed in the title, a summary must be offered. This allows those researching the same topic to skim the abstract and to determine whether or not the research is relevant to their own topic.

Types of Abstract

There are several different types of abstract available. The two most common are descriptive and informative abstracts. Which is appropriate for a domestic violence research paper depends upon the paper’s specific topic. Informative abstracts include information regarding the data and conclusions presented in the paper; a descriptive abstract tends to be more concise, and may not include conclusions. Instead, it addresses the overarching topic of the research. Informative abstracts are most common, and they’re also appropriate for a wider range of subject matter than descriptive abstracts.

Writing and Informative Abstract

If your paper deals with domestic violence from a literary, historical, or cultural point of view, you may wish to focus more heavily on your thesis and conclusion. These types of research papers typically include secondary research from a variety of sources, so the inclusion of your methodology, etc. is unnecessary.

If the paper focuses, however, on your own analysis of domestic violence statistics, or other more direct approaches, you’ll need to include your methods, analysis, and important results, as concisely as you can.

The easiest way to write an abstract is to be straightforward, and as informative as possible. First, state the purpose of the paper. Then, state your thesis. Cover the types of sources and/or methods you used in your investigation of domestic violence topics. Mention results and/or your conclusion.

Write a Powerful Abstract

While your abstract should be straightforward and concise, it should also be powerful. Remember, if your paper is being published, the abstract will (in some cases quite literally) be used to sell it. Show your passion for the topic and your research, in a professional voice.