Buy A Research Paper – Is It The Only Way Out?

We all know that while you are in college, the main thing that you will be required to do is write essays and research papers. But what if you don’t have the time or energy to devote to writing yet another paper? One easy option many college students are taking is to buy their research paper form an online company.

Essay writing services are all over the internet these days, and the price of an essay actually isn’t that bad! New websites are popping up all over the internet every day promising young college students authentic, original essays to those that can afford to spend a few bucks. Well, my opinion is that these companies are completely unethical, and if you use them, it is no different than cheating. You should never pay money for an essay online, and I have listed some reasons why below.

Where do the essays come from?

Many services will have you thinking that there is a qualified team of writers putting together all kinds of creative essays in the next state over. But did you know that most of the actual writing gets outsourced to places like India? That means that someone from half way around the world is getting paid a few dollars an hour to write your research paper.

Well, what’s wrong with that? Well, aside from the fact that you are CHEATING, many of the people that are writing these essays do not speak English. They have software that will turn the paper they write into an English document, but as we all know, things get lost in translation. Present and past tense will tend to get mixed up in the writing, and the essay will not reflect things that an American college student would know about writing.

Is it original?

Most of the essays that come from online writing services are written for one client, and then revised to fit what it is they think you want. Your essay will be comprised of recycled parts of someone else’s essay. Does that sound like something you want to use for a final grade? These types of essays are also super easy to get caught with. The online writer will often post a ‘sample’ of what your essay will contain right there on their website, and that’s all it takes for a professor to see that what’s in your essay, is also printed online.