Writing A Plagiarism-Free Term Paper

Many people often times get bored with the process of writing a term paper, but it can be a simple process. Sometimes the process can get hard and may frustrate you. Frustration could lead into something more serious. This serious issue, caused by frustration and boredom with writing a paper, is plagiarism. In collegiate settings and middle grade and high school level institution, plagiarism is frowned upon. Engaging in such an activity will earn you low marks on your paper and likewise leave you feeling upset. With that being said here is a guide to help you create a plagiarism free paper.

In order to create a plagiarism free paper you have to start the writing process with a clear head. Don't write when you are sleep, hungry, or otherwise overcome with any emotional feelings. You mind must be free and rid of distractions. Once you have accomplished this you need to enact a plan for your paper. This place can be in the form of a outline or mind mapping tool that helps organize your ideas. Once you have filled in your mapping tool, you should conduct research in order to help aid the points you are trying to making in your nursing term paper. Be sure to stick to only relevant sources.

Once you have created your outline, and have gotten together your research it's time to write that nursing term paper. Keep your outline on hand at all times so that if you get stuck you will know where your end goal is for every paragraph and thought. In your paper utilizes research and real world experiences. Keep the paper formal, yet thought provoking and engaging. Make sure the tone displayed in your paper is matter of fact and keeps in line with your thesis statement. When referencing materials, which you must do, always cite your sources. This is especially true if you are utilizing direct quotes that are not your own. You can do this by making a simple reference at the start of your sentence ie: “According to David Macklemore….”. You can also make an in text citation at the end of a quote or sentence ie: “The street was gold,” ( Macklemore, 2009) When in doubt you should reference because it is always better to be safe than sorry in the end.