Creating a Good Medical Marijuana Research Paper

Whether a research paper is about medical marijuana or anything else, there are some rules to follow in order for it to be considered a good paper. Let’s look at some of them now.

  • Sometimes, the instructor will have a preference for the formatting and sometimes they will not. If they have a format that they prefer then use it. If they do not have a preferred format, then use a standard format. Either way, make sure that you stick to the length required and don’t go over by too much.
  • Determine what the purpose of the paper is. In this case it is medical marijuana. But what are you trying to say about medical marijuana?
  • Limit your topic. Don’t be vague. Narrow it down to something like medical marijuana and its effect on the economy. This will assist in the paper being too vague and will give you a more focused field of research.
  • Create an outline that is both effective and easy to follow. An effective and easy to follow outline will not only assist you in your research and writing, it will also ensure that the information flows in a smooth way and does not jump around.
  • Locate your resource information and when you incorporate it into your paper make sure that you cite it religiously. Whenever you use any information that you got from another source it must be cited! To not cite your references can be considered plagiarism and you will automatically fail the course if you are found to be plagiarizing. That is the least of the consequences that you may face for plagiarism.
  • Use current information such as historical data, current theories, expert opinions, statistical analysis and results of experiments that have been recently conducted. Do not use any sources that are over 10 years old. Online sources that can be used are ones that end in .edu, .org and .gov. NEVER use Wikipedia as a resource! Wikipedia articles can be written by anyone and may have false information.

By following the information found here you will be able to write an effective research paper on anything no matter if it is about medical marijuana or the decline of the white rhino. Anytime you have any type of paper due, follow the instructions to the letter. By following the instructions and the tips found here you will be writing great papers in no time!