Interesting Topics For Research Papers From Back In The Day

The process for writing papers for school has changed drastically through out the years. Technology has made the writing process a much more streamlined process then it ever was back in the day. About two decades ago, the writing, editing, and revising process was much more different than it is today. There were so many elements to writing that were much more time consuming than they are now a days. Some of the greatest differences for the writing process for a research paper include:

  • Years ago the process of researching a topic had to be done in a library looking through the card catalogue - There were no technology devices or mobile devices to help students to find information quickly.
  • The information that you found to support your topic had to be written on index cards- there were not word processors for all people to type information in to.
  • The first draft was hand written with mistakes and scribbles on it- This is common today as well.
  • The final draft was hand written in a specific format with no mistakes or scribbles and written in black or blue ink- Today people typically are required to type up the final version.

These are just a few of the most important differences between papers that are written today from papers that were written back in the day. On top of being composed differently, the papers had different topics. The focus on information that was important then compared to the information that is important today is staggering. If you are looking at papers from back in the day you could expect to see differences in:

  • The way that the people spoke about the government
  • The way that the community spoke about the armed forces
  • The economy that was surrounding the nation
  • The way that people presented information in their papers
  • The sources that people used to support their arguments
  • The sources that were considered reliable and credible

These are just a few of the major differences between the topics that were relevant back in the day, compared to the topics that are relevant today. When you are comparing the writing process from back in the day to the writing process of today, not only are the topics different; however, the entire writing process is different. There are seldom requirements that include writing on index cards. Instead students fill out outlines that are available on the Internet. It is all very technologically driven.