A List of Relevant Research Paper Topics in Science

A science project can be the reflection of a student’s potential. While doing a science project, a student may be able to pick out what he or she is interested in, and become very passionate for the topic. Depending on grade level, science projects can be a great way to understand what is being taught in the classroom. Visual aides are also important to use while doing a science project.

Students who are passionate about their topic tend to not forget what they have learned during their research. This may be helpful later on in life, if the topic is taught in more depth at a higher level of school. Below is a list of potential science topics that can be used to wow your science teacher! Many of these topics have a wide range of angles in order to be simple or complex.

  • Weather and Climate
  • Fossils
  • Ocean Studies
  • Astronomy
  • Optical Illusions

Weather and Climate

There are so many directions that a student can take a weather and climate project. This depends on age group. For a younger student, studying air pollution or how a wind meter works may be easier. For a more advanced student, learning about the earth’s plates and earthquakes would be more appropriate. An older student would also be able to study how hurricanes or tornados occur.


When writing a project on fossils, props are always a fun way to interact with the rest of the students in the class. Start by making a fossil cast or dinosaur tracks. This way, students have a visual aide to associate with the verbal or written report.

Ocean Studies

Ocean studies can range from how salty the ocean water is, to the study of ocean currents. When doing a project on the ocean, don’t forget to talk about how each topic affects the animals that live in the water.


Astronomy reports can cover topics such as craters and meteors, what the rings of Saturn are made out of, or where to find the best stars.

Optical Illusions

Optical illusions are always a fun way to interact with others during a science fair or a science day at school! Having students and parents go through an experiment is the easiest way for people to learn what you are teaching them! Trying making a poster board with various types of illusions and have participants perform the experiment.