An Elaborate Guide for Writing a Research Paper in Two Weeks

Throughout your education, you will have to write research papers. You may be given a strict time line like two weeks to get it complete. If this is the case, then here is a guide to ensure that you get it complete. If you have a solid plan, you will be able to get your paper written effectively.

Follow these guidelines:

  1. Set up your plan

    The first step is to set up a plan as to how much time you will be able to spend on your research paper every day. If there are days that you will not be able to work on your paper, make sure that you find times on other days to make up for it. If you have more time, then get ahead of schedule to stop from being stuck working overboard at the end when it’s closer to the due date.

  2. Decide on your topic

    The first step of the writing process is to decide on the topic. In order to get your paper written in two weeks, the topic should be decided within the first two days. You may need to do some research on your topic so be sure to start right away.

  3. Write your outline

    The next step is to write your outline. To write a good outline, this will take some serious research, so give yourself three days to complete this part of the process. The outline should be pretty in depth. The more in depth it is; the faster you will get your paper written.

  4. Thesis statement

    Your thesis should not take you long to write since you have already written your outline. The thesis will just make a clear statement about the topic and include the three reasons why which is your three body paragraphs. This should not take more than a day.

  5. Do some research

    Spend three days researching your topic. By the end of the third day, you should be ready to write your paper.

  6. Write your rough draft

    Spend two days writing your paper. This is the rough draft but be sure to spend as much time completing it as you can. At this point you only have a few more days until your due date.

  7. Proofread and Edit

    The last stage is to proofread and edit. You should spend the rest of the time doing this. You should reread your paper several times until you feel like you have a final paper.