Using Online Paper Help: Is it Right?

If you’ve ever felt the stress that comes with writing a college paper, chances are you’ve probably also been tempted by one of the dozens of online writing services offering assistance, professionally written essays and term papers.

You think “why not”? Deadlines are creeping closer. You’re having trouble keeping up with readings. And you don’t have the easiest time starting with writing.

Temptations appear and suddenly you’re presented with a slew of ethical questions. Is employing an online writing service right?

It depends on what exactly you intend to do with the paper.

If you intend on using a purchased online paper to improve your own writing skills or to use as a sample of a paper on a specific subject, then it’s okay. What is absolutely wrong is purchasing a paper to pass off as your own. This is plagiarism. This is cheating and can get you into a lot of trouble – sometimes even expelled from your school or program.

How to Use Online Paper Help the Right Way.

Many students can struggle with writing for a number of reasons including not having the right learned the right skills in previous school years or English not being their primary language. Whatever the reason, online papers can be helpful tools in learning about essay structure, grammar, and formatting.

Students can purchase papers in his or her discipline of study and teach themselves by following examples. It’s even more helpful if students bring these online papers to a writing tutor and ask them to explain the nuances of the paper.

Students can also benefit by using the purchased paper as an example of how someone else would have answered the essay prompt they are working on. So as long as one doesn’t paraphrase, borrow, or otherwise copy any portion of the purchased paper, a student could find out about the subject a little more and possibly get some ideas by simply reading through a professionally written paper.

Why You May Want to Rethink Using Online Paper Help.

As mentioned above, copying any part of an essay without an appropriate citation or trying to pass off a paper as one’s own is cheating, the consequences of which aren’t worth going to these lengths for a mere grade.

You should also be aware that online essays aren’t always good enough to begin with. The price you’re paying, which may seem like a bargain, is usually not reflective of the time it would take for someone to research and write an essay worthy to be submitted in college courses. You can’t imagine that so called professional writers are putting in hours of work for a mere $15 - $20.

Lastly, the internet has made it much easier to cheat but has made it even easier to catch cheaters. Universities and colleges now subscribe to or utilize proprietary software the checks for plagiarized material in an essay. It usually isn’t much trouble to check, so professors will usually pass off such a verification assignment for their T.A.s or a student assistance to follow up on.