How to Create a Term Paper Introduction

An introduction sets the tone for the paper; it invites the reader to indulge in the paper, gives them an idea of what is in the paper and convinces them that they should take the content seriously. They say the first impressions last longest, and the introduction amounts to the first impression the reader has of the paper. Here are some helpful tips to students when writing term papers.

An essay or term paper introduction should be divided into three parts

Opening sentence

The main aim of the introduction is to grab the attention of the reader and keep them reading. There are different strategies that one can use to get the attention of the reader. One can go the direction of humor or seriousness. Another approach could be to state the complete opposite of what the paper intends to discuss. The main objective of this section should be not only to attract the attention of the reader but to identify with them.

Middle section

In this section, the reader gives the background information for their article and explains in some detail what they intend to discuss in the paper. If the paper is an argumentative essay, then the writer should state both sides of the argument in this section. This information gets the reader thinking, and supports the intended opinion of the writer. At this point, the reader should carefully consider what information the reader needs to understand the point that the writer intends to make. The writer should not over-indulge in this section, keeping in mind the fact that it is an introduction and not the body of the paper.

Last section

The final section of the introduction concludes it. It is the part that has the thesis statement. This is the direction that the paper takes and everything that comes after the statement of the thesis should be in support.

Writing after completing the paper

A helpful strategy that writers use is writing the introduction after finishing the paper. The introduction is a rough idea of what is in the paper, and writing it after finishing the paper gives the writer the right picture of what they are introducing. Writing the essay after finishing the body gives the writer the confidence, and the proper direction.

An introduction should be both catchy and educating. It should attract the attention of the reader, and tell them why reading the paper will be helpful to them.