Choosing Scholarly Sources for your Research Writing

It is often that high school and college level teachers that require their students writing a research paper to cite the name of their source. This is somewhat difficult to do, especially when it is credible sources to conduct your research that you need. First you should learn what it takes for a ‘good’ title to be given to the source being used.

Some of the factors to consider when choosing your source include:

Scholarly Resources are Top Notch

A Scholarly paper is one that has been written by a teacher, scientist or other research professional who specialized in a particular type of study. This style of writing is usually filled with a great deal of information and jargon with plentiful charts, graphs and other easy-to-understand information.

Where to Find Scholarly Information

Using Scholarly information when writing your paper is a good idea. When this is the information that you use you can be certain that you do. It is the most credible information of all and it is also useful in that the information may not have been known to anyone else. Scholarly information is not made available to the public. To access the information you will need to look for academic journals, textbooks and books

Popular Sources

Using these popular sources is not the same as using a scholarly source, but some of these sources can point you in the right direction of good, useful and scholarly information. This includes well-known research and academic magazines such as national geographic.

Is it Credible?

Credibility is given to a source who has an author with published work, someone that is highly regarded in the topic or an author. Credibility is given with the use of academic sources, more so than any of the popular sources in most cases. It all depends on the source that you are using and for this reason it is best to stick with what we know is accurate and revealing the honest information that you really need.

The Preferred Choice

Professors prefer that you use scholarly resources. Although they may pose more difficulty to find, they are much more credible and highly desired bits of information. People will trust what they are reading if they know a professional is the source of that information. For this reason make sure that you go the extra mile and use scholarly resources when you are writing. This will impress the professor and ensure that you are revealing 100% accurate and real information that can be put to good use. It is worth your while!